This blog isn’t aimed at fine dining, this blog is about food, and within it, you’re going to find a range of things; from pop ups, street food, seasonal events, cafes, restaurants, things I’ve cooked myself, or things that have been cooked for me.  There is a whole world of food out there, and I’m on an adventure to try as much as I can, so stay a while, take a little look around, and share with me my experiences of food as the Boy Who Eats.  Predominantly, you will find that most of my reviews are based in Birmingham, between working, and studying for my masters degree, so the opportunity to travel around is somewhat limited at the moment.  I will branch out of Birmingham as and when I can though.

Here you can find links to my last 8 (when I have them, or as many as I have until then) blog posts.

The most recent is in the top left, and the oldest in the bottom right, when an image drops off of here, don’t worry you can still find it in the archives, or check the index lists at the top of the page!

All opinions and reviews in this blog are entirely my own, or those of any guest authors featured.

I have received no form of payment for any of my reviews.

© G. Burgess

tibits; Basel
The Olive Tree
Birmingham Summer Market 2015
The Plough Harborne

this text is to make the pictures fit, pay it no attention

Digbeth Dining Club
Collaborative Dining

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